Does Your University offer a Dissertation Writing Boot-Camp (DBC)?

Many colleges and universities have instituted Dissertation Boot-camps across the country. Whereas some of the writing camps are Writing Retreats for a 3 day weekend, others are a 4-day  9-5 face-to-face experience on campus.

  • Two times a year the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) offers the Dissertation House an 9-5 4 day campus experience for doctoral students working on their dissertations, dissertation proposals or other writing projects.
  • Sponsored by the Writing Program and the Graduate School Princeton University has 2 summer (June and July)  boot camps. With limited enro
    Michigan’s AGEP Dissertation Writing Retreat

    llment, students are asked to pay a small $50.00 registration fee often returned at the end of the camp.

  •  Stanford University’s Hume Writing Center runs Stanford’s Bootcamp. Stanford runs 3 boot camps during the summer.
  • In addition to the Dissertation Boot camp for 24 students, The University of Pennsylvania Dissertation Boot
    UMBC’s Winter Dissertation House at Rocky Gap

    camp  also offer Writing Day.  For example, during the summer they offer Writing Days i.e. Writing Thursdays and writing weekends.

  • Sponsored by MIT’s Writing & Communication Center MIT Dissertation Boot camp limits its registration to 25 students and charges them a small fee for participation.
  • At the University of Missouri the Graduate School hold several monthly boot camps throughout the year.  UofM limits these sessions to 20 students.
  • As a part of their initiative of Student Success the University of Delaware  has instituted a Dissertation Writing Boot camp led by an English professor.
  • Claremont Graduate University also offers a camp
  • Michigan’s AGEP runs a Dissertation Writing Retreat every summer.
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