About Dr. CV

Dr. Carter-Veale has over 15 years of experience in graduate education. She has presented her dissertation writing workshops and boot camps for MIT, Duke, Howard University, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Arizona State University, NC State, Boston College, University of Maryland, College Park, Cornell, the University of Maryland, Baltimore,  University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Maryland’s Summer Success Institute,  and the Dissertation Institute.

Dr. Carter-Veale is the CEO of PhDCompletion.com, a co-founder of the PROMISE Dissertation House, the on-campus dissertation coach at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and a coauthor of The Dissertation House Model: Doctoral Student Experiences Coping and Writing in a Shared Knowledge Community and the chapter Successful PhD Pathways to Advanced STEM Careers for Black Women in Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales: African Americans‟ Paths to STEM Fields. Her most recent article, Exit, Voice, Loyalty: The Exit Interview.

She has authored 4 books on completing the doctoral process.

  1. Mastering the PhD Completion Process with Howard G. Adams, PhD
  2. Ph.D. Completion: If You Can Write a Master’s Thesis You Can Write a Dissertation
  3. Ph.D. Completion: Practical Steps to Selecting a Dissertation Topic
  4. Ph.D. Completion: Methods Journal

To say Dr. Carter-Veale understands the obstacle to success is an understatement. She adopted author Julia Cameron’ s  (The Artist’s Way) personal philosophy “Leap and the net will appear,” to encourage herself throughout her educational career.  She attended Stanford University after graduating from the academically rigorous Boston Latin Academy. She earned both a B.A. and an M.A. from Stanford in six years – even after becoming a single parent.  Earning five degrees from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she persevered despite the costs and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Today, Dr. Carter-Veale successfully manages many roles – dissertation coach, author, social science researcher, parent, educator, business owner, and motivational speaker. Her daughter graduated cum laude from Howard University. Dr. Carter-Veale continues to be an inspiration and invaluable resource to students and educators throughout the

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